The University of Texas System and UT Dallas have rules and regulations for the orderly and efficient conduct of business, and each student is charged with knowledge of and compliance with the contents and provisions thereof.

All students are expected and required to obey federal, state and local laws, to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, with UT System and UT Dallas rules and regulations, with directives issued by an administrative official of the UT System or UT Dallas in the course of his or her authorized duties, and to observe standards of conduct appropriate for an academic institution.

Academic Integrity

The Office of Community Standards and Conduct strives for a proactive approach in addressing academic integrity by providing information and resources in support of high academic standards in scholarship and academic achievement.

Filing a Grievance

For information about how to file a grievance, see Section 51 of the UT Dallas Handbook of Operating Procedures, specifically:

  • 51.01 Statement of Equal Educational Opportunity
  • 51.02 Sexual Harassment
  • 51.03 Complaint Procedures
  • 51.06 Academic Appeal Procedures