Student Policies

As a component institution of The University of Texas System, UT Dallas has established rules and regulations relating to its local operating policies and procedures.

Policy # Policy Name
UTDSP5001, previously known as Chapter 46 Speech Expression and Assembly
UTDSP5010, previously known as Chapter 47 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy
Chapter 48 Use of University Facilities (pdf)
UTDSP5003, previously known as Chapter 49 Student Code of Conduct
UTDSP5005, previously known as Chapter 51 Student Grievances
UTDSP5008, previously known as Chapter 52 Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Team

Four policies of the handbook are most commonly referenced for student-related issues:

  1. Speech, Expression and Assembly address matters related to free speech, public assembly and guest speakers.
  2. Use of University Facilities (pdf) addresses policies and procedures for reserving and use of University facilities.
  3. Student Code and Conduct contains regulations for student standards of conduct, disciplinary procedures and disposition, and information pertaining to financial transactions with the University.
  4. Student Grievances includes the University's equal educational opportunity and sexual harassment statements and the respective complaint procedures, as well as the procedure for unresolved grievances relating to a student's academic standing at UT Dallas.

The Behavior Assessment and Intervention Team reviews behavioral incidents and ensure a systematic response to students whose behavior may be disruptive or harmful to themselves or the UT Dallas community. Guidelines are also available for UT Dallas faculty and staff members at Managing Difficult Student Behavior.